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The Oxford logician and author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll……..


3E Lewis Carroll Puzzles

These are Four Riddles from Lewis Carroll inspiration.

Read these articles:

Lewis Carroll Logician and Mathematician

Carroll’s Paradox

Here's Monty!

Here's Monty!

First, visit — Monty Hall Problem. Don’t read past ‘Solution.’

Attempt to solve. Write down method of solution.

Read ‘Solution.’

Visit Wiki’s Monty Hall Problem.

Carry out ‘Simulation.’

A visual of a Cantor Set

A visual of a Cantor Set

Step One: Gentle intro

“Are rational numbers countable?”

Step Two: The Hotel Infinity

“Related to Cantor’s argument that rational numbers are countable?”

Step Three: Self Similarity

“Can you write out details of constructing the Cantor Set?”