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M -> T
T -> ~D
~E -> G
E -> D
.:  M -> G


M = making money, T = take-out food, D = dinner, E = everyone, G = getting food

If you are making money then it implies take-out food.
Take-out food does not imply dinner.
Everyone does not imply getting food.
If you are everyone then it implies dinner.
If you are making money then it implies getting food.


The word blog refers to the word weblog.

There is no proper English in the word blog.

All proper English is understandable.

What is not understandable is the word weblog.

B -> W

~E -> B

E -> U


.: ~U -> W


The Oxford logician and author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll……..


3E Lewis Carroll Puzzles

These are Four Riddles from Lewis Carroll inspiration.

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